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Whether you’re throwing the outdoor wedding of the season with 200 guests or managing a construction project with 75 workers, you’ll want to have enough portable restrooms to accommodate nature’s call. Overestimate the number and you’ll overspend. Underestimate and your guests or workers could stand in a long line for the toilet — and, worse, have to hold their nose when their turn comes. Use our event rental calculator to find out how many you will need.

The cost to rent a porta potty will vary depending on the details of the order. What type of unit is being rented? How long is it needed (days, weeks, months)? All of these things impact the total cost of the order. Click here to get a quote for your project or event.

We advise booking your portable restroom rental at least a week before it is needed. Of course, it is helpful to make your reservation even further in advance if possible. During peak rental season, our inventory may be limited. If a porta potty is needed the same day or next day, an emergency service fee will be assessed.

It is not necessary for someone to be present when your portable toilet is delivered or picked up. However, we do ask that the area where the unit is needed can be easily accessed by our delivery truck. This means leaving any gates open or unlocked (or providing a code) and having driveways clear. Also, if the porta potty needs to be placed in a specific location, please mark the location clearly or provide us with drop-off instructions prior to the day of delivery.

For the service schedule for your portable restrooms, refer to the details outlined in your rental service agreement. If you find that you need to request additional services or reschedule one of your planned cleanings, please contact us. Additional charges apply.

If there is a specific location you would like the portable restrooms placed, please mark the location at the drop-off site and/or communicate the details to us before drop-off. We will do our best to accommodate your request. For porta potty drop-offs, the placement location must be accessible by our truck, safe for our driver and anyone who will be using the toilet, and in a spot where the toilet is not at risk of damage. The best spot for a portable restroom to be placed is on level ground (paved if possible) close to where it will be needed without obstructing the flow of foot or vehicle traffic.

Our pumper truck drivers are experienced in servicing portable toilets and have been trained to follow best practices to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation. The porta potty cleaning process consists of removing debris from the unit, pumping the waste from the tank, cleaning the entire unit with a cleaning solution, rinsing it with fresh water, restocking the tank with deodorizer, adding water to the tank, and restocking supplies like toilet paper.

Yes! All portable toilets rented from us will be delivered to your job site or special event location clean and ready for use. We pride ourselves on being the best porta potty provider in North Central Florida and only deliver portable sanitation equipment to our customers that is completely clean and fully stocked.

All portable restroom rentals — long-term and special events — will be charged upfront. We accept credit card, check, or cash payments. Long-term rentals will be on a 28-day pre-billing cycle. All invoices will be sent via email. If you have additional questions about our billing process, please contact us.

Yes! If you only need portable sanitation equipment for one day, we can arrange that. We can deliver your portable toilet or sink one day and pick it up the next day.

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Florida Portable Services is a woman-owned, family business that is based on core values that include integrity and honesty.


Our portable sanitation products are of the highest quality and extremely clean. Most are new or like-new and priced competitively.


We take pride in providing top-notch customer service. We always strive to exceed customer expectations, whatever their need!